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Keto Fish

fish filet + grilled veggies


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Keto Fish

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Fish fillet, oregano, sea salt, grilled eggplant, red and yellow peppers, green beans, zucchini and asparagus.

Let’s dive right into the ocean with our keto fish meal!

Fish is a very indispensable food that we need to include in our day to day meals, that’s why we’re offering you this delicious and nutritious meal.

✔️ gluten-free
✔️ Dairy-free
✔️ rich in Omega-3
✔️ rich in vitamin D and B
✔️ rich in calcium and other minerals
✔️ lower risk of heart attacks
✔️ boost brain health
✔️ help protect your vision

Our meals are freshly frozen after being cooked. It allows the meal to stay fresh and keep maintains the chain cold.

How to conserve my meals:

If you want to consume your meals in the upcoming days : store them in the fridge

If you want to consume your meals later this week: store them in the freezer

Heat and eat:

-Ready in minutes! Just take out the label, keep the plastic film, pop in the microwave and enjoy!

-Our meals are vacuum-sealed in BPA-free, recyclable trays. The plastic seals are also recyclable and food approved .






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