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Bag 2022


Bag 2022



This bag contains 28 healthy meals! For the bag 2022, we are including 2 weeks of vitamins 🙃

This bag is perfect to maintain your weight. It also offers vitamins in bonus😊

  • 28 healthy meals
    7 x Champion Breakfast
    7 x Keto Turkey
    2 x Classic Chicken
    2 x Classic Beef
    2 x Kafta
    2 x Veal Power
    2 x Keto Beef
    2 x Keto Chicken
    2 × Keto Fish
    2 weeks of vitamins (Vitamin D, Multivitamin and Omega3). It’s prepared in a calendar form. Everything to simplify your life!
  •  You can replace the vitamins by any meal. Just leave a note in the comment section, when you order.

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