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Keto turkey

turkey + eggs


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Keto turkey

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Keto Turkey is high in protein and good fat. Eggs can stop your hunger and keep you full for most of the day. This keto dish is also low in carbs!

✔️Keto Meal
✔️Meal rich in protein and good fat! And low in carbohydrates
✔️Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, iron and Omega-3
✔️Rich fiber meal

Ingredients: Ground turkey, eggs, red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, onions, salt, black pepper, paprika, spices and olive oil.

Our meals are freshly frozen after being cooked. It allows the meal to stay fresh and keep maintains the chain cold.

How to conserve my meals:

If you want to consume your meals in the upcoming days : store them in the fridge

If you want to consume your meals later this week: store them in the freezer

Heat and eat:
Microwave them in the container they come in:
– If frozen, microwave for 4 mins (or more if needed)
– If not frozen, microwave for 2 mins (or more if needed)



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