Hulk Breakfast

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WHO IS READY TO START THE DAY WELL? .....Here comes the new HULK Breakfast!

Ingredients : Extra lean ground beef cooked with eggs, spiced potato wedges, spinach, green olives, mozzarella cheese, onions, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and spices. Contains: Soy, wheat.

Our dishes are freshly frozen after cooking. It allows the meal to stay fresh and maintains the cold chain.

How to store my meals:

If you want to consume your meals in the coming days: keep them in the refrigerator

If you want to consume your meals later this week: keep them in the freezer

Heat and eat:

-Ready in minutes! Simply remove the label, save the plastic film, microwave and enjoy!

-Our meals are vacuum-packed in recyclable BPA-free trays. Plastic seals are also recyclable and food approved.

160g meat and egg, 120g potato, 80g vegetables, 30g cheese (400g)

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